Your Key to Change: Acceptance of Your Current Reality and Focus on Your Desired Reality

When it comes to building a life of fulfilment, abundance, health and other good feeling states, the first thing you really want to be doing is to accept your current reality as it is RIGHT NOW, while working towards a more preferred reality. It is totally useless “wanting” something different from what you have right now, if you cannot accept that “you got what you got” right now. Universal laws just won’t allow it.

Universal Laws (like the Law of Attraction) as well as our neurology are inclusion based. That means this:

  • when you are thinking about something you want, you include it in your “reality”;
  • when you are thinking about something you DO NOT want, you include it in your “reality”.

In the Abraham Law of Attraction material, where much of my own material stems from, it is explained something like this: life is like a stick. A stick has two ends, and they are on opposite sides. Let’s just call the opposites “positive” and “negative”. The stick is the metaphor for ANY situation in life. Whatever stick you pick up, you will ALWAYS pick up both ends, positive and negative. Nothing ever is only all good or all bad. It’s both; and anywhere in between.

That’s the meaning of an inclusion based universe. Or, to put it differently when it comes to “negative” experiences: “you cannot think about what you don’t want to think about without thinking about it”.

Many people make a major mistake when it comes to goal setting and strategic visioning. They want to sincerely create a better future, which in itself is a great thing. Often, though, their reason for wanting that better future is: I don’t like my current reality! A couple of examples:

  • I want more money, because I don’t have any.
  • I want better health, because I am sick.
  • I want a better job, because I hate this one.
  • I want a better relationship, because this one isn’t good.
  • I want to live somewhere else, because this place is awful.

Trying to create a better future with what you DON’T like as the driver may work for a while; it can definitely get you going. If you KEEP focusing on the negative situation that made you want to change, then you will have a hard time getting there. You are focusing on the wrong end of the stick!

For instance: persistent focus on how horrible your job is will make it really hard finding a better one.

The crux is this: you want to accept reality as it is (yes, you DO have a job you don’t like at the moment; that’s just how it is) while expecting and focusing on the NEW reality that is on its way. Most of your thoughts, actions and written and spoken words have to be towards the new, desired reality. That’s the other end of the stick.

Accepting your current reality is not always easy. BUT: it can be done. A good question to ask yourself is: “can I, RIGHT HERE AND NOW, change the situation for the better?” If not, it’s time to stop giving it “air time” in your brain. Start focusing on the solution, and steer your thoughts away from what’s not working. Meditation, or distraction from what’s bothering you, can also be good ways to accept the current reality, and not resist it.

There are many ways to achieve a change in direction as well. Literally changing your language is one of them. Stop talking about what you don’t want anymore, and start talking about what you do want. Literally. More attention on the wanted; no attention to the unwanted. I will discuss this in a later article.

Another method is to create what is called a “memory of the future”. As we have clear memories of past events, we can also create clear “memories” of future events! If you can form as clear a mental image of your desired future as you can recall a great holiday you had, you stand quite a chance actually manifesting that future. How does this future memory feel, taste, smell, sound, etc. Be specific. How this actually works is topic for another article. Just work with me by accepting the possibility that it is the case. Your goals will make up the light posts along the way from where you are now, to where you would like to be.

The third method is to have two “impossible possibilities” (I read about that in a great book some time ago).

The first impossible possibility is to have a goal that’s so ridiculously big that other people think it will be impossible to achieve. In order to achieve BIG, you have to dream BIG. Otherwise your ceiling will be too low. By increasing the ceiling your reality will start changing for the better. It has to.

The other impossible possibility is to have an impossible number of possible goals. To keep adding to your list will increase the chances of actually achieving them. It’s like the never ending bucket list: you put a new one on when you scratch another one off! This, too, will improve your reality greatly. More and more seemingly impossible goals will come into sight, and will be materialised. Law of Attraction in action!

Sometimes you just don’t have control over the situations that are thrown at you. “Stuff” does happen. What you DO have control over is your attitude towards the “stuff”. You can either view that reality as negative and let it be a drain on your life, or you can cop it on the chin and move on creating better things because of it. Both options are valid, and both will be “true”. The second one will be more effective and honouring, though. Acceptance is the start of change for the better.

YOU decide which end of the stick you put more attention, energy and focus on. The predominance of your attention, energy and focus will dictate the predominance of your results. This is neurologically (Reticular Activating System) and universally (Law of Attraction) the case.

Obviously, there are processes to facilitate this mindset change. I am looking forward to sharing these with you.

Source by Marc De Bruin

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