Wurramooka News

The Hero Project
The award-winning ‘Hero Project’ youth empowerment program offers hands-on digital video training, resources, workshops, a youth media festival and interactive website.

2009 Warooka CPC – 7 School
The Hero Project worked with the students from Warooka CPC – 7, Curramulka Primary and Yorketown Area School to explore innovative ways to incorporate digital media into the school curriculum.
The outcome is an entertaining mock-news show, entitled Wurramooka News.
Stay tuned for today’s headlines!

Keeping Warooka in the loop, live from our studios at Warooka CPC – 7 School.
Locals tell us why they want a Media Centre.
On the spot reports about the Easter tourist invasion.
Why home grown food is great!
Weather, sports and school updates.
And some tips on how to make your own films!

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