Why Are There White People On Planet Earth – Does It Make Evolutionary Sense?

Ever wonder where you came from or what makes you who you are, or why you look the way you do? Of course, I think that has gone through everyone’s mind a time or two, I know it has mine. Okay so, what if you are a “White Person” and perhaps have blue eyes, light skin, and who knows maybe even blonder hair and blue eyes? Those are recessive traits and they are not normally the best suited for living on the surface of planet Earth. In fact, today we know such recessive traits to be a mistake, or are they?

Does evolution make mistakes? Well, yes, but the big mistakes don’t last too long. Now then, let me take this conversation to a higher level if I might. You see, there was an interesting article in Life Science News titled; “7,000 Year Old Human Bones Suggest New Date for Light-Skin Gene,” by Tia Ghose (staff writer) published on January 26, 2014.

Not long ago, an acquaintance forwarded this information to me, asking me what I thought as the Founder of a think tank prior to me actually reading the actual research. Now then, assuming all this is true and the research is nonbiased and done using the scientific method – my thinking on this potential finding would be this;

Well, think of this. “IF” a blonde, blue, light-skin, recessive trait spontaneously evolved, and things like that happen all the time with the human germ-line, then if that happened in a Northern climate they’d certainly have the advantage to hunt in the winter time, thus, they would have food and protein advantage, plus being able to live longer in colder climates, slower metabolism, they have be able to father far more children in their life time without being eaten by a predator. Older recessive trait light-skinned human could also have another advantage in old age – their hair is very grey plus the light skin, they would become invisible and perfectly camouflage naturally to the snowy wintery terrain.

Okay so, my thoughts are this, it would not take long for that advantage to overcome the trend to become the dominate trait in those regions until it was favored by survival of the fittest and also natural selection. So, even if the “White Genes” had a late start, they could dominate on a colder climate pretty easily – just as darker traits would be far better favored in warmer climates with harsh year-round sun, brown mountains, thick jungles, and deserts. Well, I hope you with consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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