What is Dogecoin Cryptocurrency? | How Dogecoin Works? | How to Buy Dogecoin? | Dogecoin Explained!

Dogecoin has again grabbed headlines for hitting new record values. What started as a joke years ago is becoming one of the more well-known cryptocurrencies. The Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency rose to an all-time high price after US billionaire Elon Musk tweeted, “Who let the Doge out.” This was the second time in the last week when Musk posted about Dogecoin on Twitter that led to its growth among other cryptocurrencies. Over 128 billion Dogecoin units are already in circulation. But this could just be a beginning as investors have started showing their interest in the currency following the stimulation made by Musk.

01:19 | What is Dogecoin?
04:23 | Why is Dogecoin in the news?
05:28 | How much is worth Dogecoin?
06:38 | How can you buy Dogecoin?

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