What Does it Mean for you As a Gamer?

As a modern gamer, you have most likely read a lot about new technologies like blockchain and NFT and how they could be the future of gaming.

Because of the numerous advantages that blockchain technology and NFT games provide, they are gradually becoming the top choice for everyone interested in both fun and money.

The increasing adoption of blockchain technology in gaming has shifted the same old top trends and NFT Staking is one of the intriguing newbies causing lots of buzz.

What is NFT Staking? How does it work? How does it provide the chance for gamers to earn while having fun? You are just about to find out.

What Is NFT Staking?

The most trendy concept about non-fungible tokens is buying and selling them to gain more money. Game users invest in NFTs by buying them and reselling them at a high price when it has become more valuable.

However, gaming companies like Planet IX have provided another way for game users to earn income using their NFTs.

Let’s get into it. What does NFT Staking mean, and how is it done?

Unlike selling off NFTs to other game users while playing NFT games, game users can have their NFTs in their possession and still make money from it.

One of the numerous NFT games with an NFT Staking feature and schedule is Planet IX. Planet IX is a multiplayer strategy game that takes place on a whole substantial titular planet.

Now, let’s chip this in quick. For those who enjoy exploring a whole more expansive space in NFT games, then this is your catch. Planet IX is an NFT game centered around two main concepts. Providing fun and a chance of income for game users. How is this done?

Planet IX provides a thrilling game that enables users to claim several lands called PIX on the planet. Claiming these PIX is usually done after fulfilling specific tasks in the game or completing a challenge.

The fun fact provided by this is that these PIX are non-fungible tokens. Planet IX also has another form of NFT assets known as Landmark NFTs that can be staked. They are relics, artifacts, or cultural and traditional items found on the planet.

What does this mean for players? It implies that game users of Planet IX can earn income from two different NFTs by either selling off the non-fungible tokens to other players in the game or by simply staking their Landmark NFTs.

How To Stake Landmark NFT On Planet IX

There is a slight difference between staking tokens to receive more Cryptocurrency tokens and Staking NFTs to accept cryptocurrencies.

Planet IX includes an NFT Staking Schedule that ensures two exciting opportunities for game users to earn more money. They are Landmark NFTs Staking and Territory Staking.

Staking an NFT on Planet IX takes the general approach to staking NFTs in modern online games.

Landmark NFT Staking

Planet IX Landmark NFT Staking provides several recurring benefits for game users. Every Landmark NFTs found by a game user comes with a specific area called a Control Region. A control Region is a diagonal area surrounding the Landmark.

How does one get a Landmark Stakes? There are two available ways. The first one requires luck in a random drop, While the second one requires participating in a Landmark Raffle.

The first step in participating in a Landmark Raffle is by completing an in-game or activity challenge. After the completion of the challenge, game users will receive an entry ticket. The entry ticket earned by Planet IX game users is a key to entering the Special Landmark Raffles.

Now, how do Planet IX game users earn income from staking NFTs?

It is the juiciest part.  For every trading of PIX in the Control Region, one will generate a commission. All the commissions from such transactions made go to all the stakeholders in that Control Region.

Also, increasing the value of the Landmark NFTs can be done through the collective efforts of all the stakeholders. Think about collaborating with Planet IX players worldwide for a common goal; to increase the value of the NFTs while upgrading them. Fantastic.

Territory Staking

Staking Territories, another name for a group of claimed lands (PIX), is another way to earn income in Planet IX as a game user.

PIX is a collection of claimed lands that makes a territory. Once one develops a PIX  into a territory, players can stake it for the desired lockup period. The window also provides for the amount the staked territory would generate when unlocked.

Planet IX game users are also allowed to stake PIX tokens, which is the official Cryptocurrency in Planet IX.

Staking NFTs in Planet IX provides a win-win situation for players in two ways.

Firstly, the players would win rewards when they unlock their stakes territories.

Also, the value of their staked lands and NFTs would have increased, and the longer the staked period, the higher the value of the grounds.

The use of NFTs in gaming is provoking a significant revolution for gaming companies, and Planet IX, a massive and exciting NFT game is leading the frontiers of this revolution.

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