The Trouble With “So Called” Experts!

Home security is not about alarm systems. It is not about locks. Home security is about the personal protection that investments in physical and electronic products and services can bring.

You have to ask yourself, “Is my home/office safe?”. “Are my family/colleagues, protected?”.

When you determine the answer to those questions, it is easy to then source the appropriate solutions that will provide you with your peace of mind.

Having personally sold, installed, designed, maintained and serviced many physical and electronic security products in multiple countries and cultures across the world, I have firsthand knowledge of the situations of broad cross-sections of people.

The primary underlying attitude toward security products is that Alarm systems are the perceived best protection.

This is a fallacy!

Alarm systems are not and never have been a security protection device. Alarms are simply doing what the title suggests, they “alarm” or inform that a condition exists or has occurred.

What protection did they provide? Did they stop the condition or event from happening?

The answer is a resounding NO! They cannot protect, because they are not designed to protect, they are designed to inform.

The advertising and marketing that many alarm companies perform, are an attempt to confuse unsuspecting consumers into believing they are actual physical protection providers, when they are not.

There can only be one true physical protection device. This device is known as a “Lock”.
I can cite multiple examples of situations where an alarm has been triggered, yet the lock prevented any condition or event from happening. Alarms sound all the time, even falsely and monitored alarms are often the worst because the costs associated with monitoring, patrolling, guard/police attendance can reach exorbitant levels in cost….all because a a false reporting condition.

A lock is a physical security protection device that is a first and last line of defense for every property.

When determining security upgrades, be aware that often the fundamental ingredient in proper security, is having suitably constructed doors, frames and jambs. I have seen the most expensive locks on peoples doors, yet the jambs (where the door closes into) is made from low grade pine or soft cedar woods. The doors often are made from steel coated wooden materials and often survive with the locks in tact, yet the door jamb has given way in an attack.

So, how to prevent and protect?

Secure your door jamb. there are multiple products available today to economically and effectively protect your property from forced entry attack.

You can still install an alarm system, if your desire is to remain informed and to have paid representatives monitor you to maintain your personal security, but remember, they are unable to protect you, only inform you!

Source by Danny Gurvis

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