The Ponderings of a Master Key

The Master Key Course is a powerful source of information for learning, understanding, and applying the energy of thought in relation to shaping one’s life. Many have used the knowledge shared in this book as a tool to change lives for the better. Popular teachings such as what is found in books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolian Hill and the far-famed movie “The Secret” are perfect examples of how interested people are in this is type of knowledge. Like “The Master Key System” they all point to the importance of focusing on improving mental thoughts as the ground level of improving the quality of life.

The Master Key System was written in 1912 by Charles F. Haanel, and it is considered the master key to understanding the concepts, principles, and practicality of choosing to think thoughts with intent to create desired outcomes.

As the course is a progressive learning system, it is warned not to read the book as a novel but to focus on one chapter a week. This is what the writer felt was best for those taking the course back in the early 1900’s. Although some concepts such as meditation and visualization taught in this 1912 published book are more commonly accepted in today’s time, the course is still valued with Haanel’s insightfulness. As he uncovers basic principles, Haanel makes it easy to understand the logic of training our brain to think in a productive way.

As it is suggested to master this twenty four week course one week at a time, you may find one or a few of the lessons not taking the full seven days to master. In my personal experience I feel, regardless of how long each lesson takes to master, the importance is to keep the focus on progressive learning.

There are also cautions from skeptics for readers to consider careful examination rather than easily adapting to the information taught in this course. Haanel himself warns not to read the book as a novel, as well as for the student of this course to be committed to the life changing applications without fail. Those who are skeptical of the law of attraction’s relevancy in both Haanel’s day and modern day, warn that the teachings in this course can be dangerous. As in any case when many perspectives are present, it is best to acknowledge disputes and ultimately think for one’s self.

The Master Key System can be read as suggested in a way for progressive learning or it can be read like a novel in simply getting to know the material of what the author is sharing. The warning not to read this course like a novel can easily be understandable when considering it as a course for introducing new concepts and most likely unheard of reasons to consider thoughts as a core measure of shaping lives in the early 1900’s.

In my opinion this book is an excellent source of information. I have found it to personally enhance understandings of spiritual perspectives. It has awakened the senses and stimulated necessity for application. However as I stated earlier, anyone reading this book should think for themselves in how to respond to the information shared in it.

Source by Lillie G. Oliver

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