The Ancient Book of Enoch – A Book Review

Ken Johnson is the author of “The Ancient Book of Enoch” who is also a lecturer that speaks about a variety of issues related to Bible prophecy, ancient history, and the apostasy that will form in the Christian church in Rome in the end of days. He received a doctorate in theology from the Christian College of Texas, Texarkana Texas in 1989. He is also the author of a factual website based on the fundamental truth of scripture.

Who Was Enoch?

Enoch was the 7th generation from Adam the very first of men to be created. Holy Scripture tells us Enoch lived for 365 years and then was translated or raptured without dying, and even though he was a sinner he pleased the Creator with his lifestyle. Enoch begat Methuselah who lived 969 years and was the grandfather of Noah. He died seven days before the great flood and his name means bringer of death.

Tribulation Period

The book of Enoch opens by addressing those in the Great Tribulation period. It has many prophecies concerning the great flood of Noah and the coming fire judgments, and the two comings of the Messiah.

Window of Time

Enoch prophesies a window of time in which the Second Coming will occur and states there will be 23 Israeli Prime Ministers ruling in 58 terms from 1948 to the beginning of the tribulation.

Genetic Experiments

Enoch records the history of angels that fell in the times of Jared, Enoch’s father. It testifies to their marriages with earthly women and their genetic experiments. His commentary includes a previously unknown chapter from the Dead Sea Scrolls that actually explains how they did their genetic tampering.

Ancient Book of Zohar

The Jews mention Enoch in their book of Zohar that elaborates on the attributes of God; in the Targum of Jonathan he is called the first great scribe. Other writers ascribe the invention of letters and the writing of books to him.

Enoch Passed His Writings

Enoch passed his books to Noah, who passed them onto Shem who hid them in the city of Salem. It was eventually found buried with 972 texts identified as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The texts involve religious, linguistic, and historical significance that include the earliest known books written by man.


The book of Enoch is quoted by church fathers and rabbis going all the way back to the first century. His book tells of end time signs, history of the Nephilim, who are the Sons of God, and the genetic experiments up to 2012. It is truly an interesting read due to the facts it expands its visions of Enoch’s prophecies, who he was, and why he might be one of the two witnesses that return in the Great Tribulation. I give it four stars out of five.

Source by Gary Kent Boyd

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