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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are on fashion. Then again, this is still a pretty uncertain world, unregulated and with pretty little legal safety. When it comes to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), scams have multiplied in the latest years. ICOs have become a common way for getting funding for a startup. Instead of looking for a VC fund, you launch your own cryptocurrency and let private investors buy and trade those. But, being on a complete legal void, it is fairly easy to scam and cheat. A lot of people have already lost their money.
But all of this is about to change. There is one country that wants to pioneer ICO regulation: Switzerland. Having the World’s biggest crypto company, this country has the best Blockchain experts. Their government understands the potential this technology has. But they don’t want to let scammers spoil it. In this video, we will explain you how are they gonna do it.

*Research made by Isaac Saslavsky

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