Solana (SOL) retrace momentum towards $135

Solana (SOL) has led most altcoins into gains over the last few days. SOL had in fact surged impressively, at one-point crossing over $140. But the coin failed to climb past a crucial; resistance zone. As a result, the bullish uptrend we saw is now reversing. Here are some highlights:

  • After surging above $140, SOL has faced major resistance around $144 and has since failed to cross that hurdle.

  • As a result, the altcoin has fallen sharply from these highs in fact, at press time, it was trading at $112.

  • We are however seeing some directionless consolidation at $110 and we expect SOL to retest $144 soon.

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Solana (SOL) – Will it surge back to $135?

Well, technical indicators appear to suggest that SOL is looking poised for another uptrend. After surging to well over $140 over the last few days, the altcoin failed to clear the crucial resistance zone of $144. 

This weakness has manifested in the price action, with SOL now falling to $112. But we expect bulls to pick it up from here. In fact, SOL is likely to retest its weekly resistance zone of $135 and even surge past that towards $140. 

This will represent an upswing of nearly 20% from its current price. However, if SOL fails to hold the $110 support level, it could fall further towards $101 and eventually $93 in the near term.

Why investors are buying Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is one of the most popular tokens right now. It has been attracting both individual and institutional investors by equal measure. 

Solana is seen as the most promising direct competitor to Ethereum. It offers better speeds, low fees, and outstanding scalability. Solana has also seen massive expansions in its ecosystem over the last few years. It is by far one of the most notable chains today.

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