Signals Network want to revolutionize crypto trading – Token Presale starts on November 22

Signals Network want to revolutionize crypto trading

Redefine your cryptotrading experience with Signals. Create, monetize and backtest strategies even without any codings skills. Token presale starts November 22.

Signals is a futuristic marketplace where you can discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning.

Token Presale starts on November 22, 14:00 UTC: Signals.Network (SGN) is an abbreviation of Signals network, which is nothing but a platform for data science. This exclusive platform assists the users in various trading-related aspects such as the creation, discovery, and monetization of cryptocurrencies.

These aspects usually involve enhanced computing power, crowd knowledge, and machine learning.

Signals Network Bounty Program: Share your referral link and our system will do the rest. Earn #cryptocurrency from your blog, newsletter or social media accounts. SGN Token presale starts November 22!

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