January 25, 2022

Science News- March 2021

Find out what happened last month in the fields of Archeology/Paleontology, Space, Nature, and Medicine! A massive amount of complex carbon molecules were found in a specific area of space, a new toothpaste might help eliminate allergies, an odd discovery is made at one of humanity’s oldest civilizations, and more!

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A sea slug’s detached head can crawl around and grow a whole new body


An experimental toothpaste aims to treat peanut allergy


Cone snail venom may trick mate-seeking worms into becoming meals

Phosphorus for Earth’s earliest life may have been forged by lightning

Carbon-ring molecules tied to life were found in space for the first time

Two bonobos adopted infants outside their group, marking a first for great apes

A meteor may have exploded over Antarctica 430,000 years ago

A toxin behind mysterious eagle die-offs may have finally been found

Stone Age culture bloomed inland, not just along Africa’s coasts

‘Oumuamua may be a chip knocked off an icy, Pluto-like exoplanet