Safello – Simplifying the Process of Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies

Safello was founded in 2013, with the aim to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

Bitcoin should be just as common a means of payment as the pound, euro or dollar – an even more self-evident, secure and quick way of exchanging services, products and currencies, across the world.

0:00 Start
0:37 Can you start by telling us what Safello does and what it is that you offer through your trading platform?
0:53 As one of the founders of Safello, can you tell us something about yourself and the team behind Safello?
1:23 If we look at Bitcoin, which is the most common crypto currency, what is the difference buying and selling it using Safello compared doing it through someone else?
2:00 You have something that you call Safello Premium and Safello Business, can you tell us about those two?
2:23 Can you tell us about your other products?
3:06 You recently acquired, which is Sweden’s largest avenue for crypto currencies. Tell us more about that acquisition!
3:47 You have been profitable since 2019, and your revenue has increased dramatically over the past years. Can you elaborate on that?
4:19 Can you take us through your revenue model, where are you earning your money?
5:07 You are operating in Sweden today, but you are also looking to expand into other markets. Can you walk us through how an expansion could look like?
6:02 Can you tell us which markets that are more relevant for Safello if an expansion would occur?
6:32 You are now heading to the stock market, what will the money that you have raised be allocated to?
7:13 You have a lot of well-known international shareholders. Can you tell us why they have chosen to invest in Safello and what kind of dialogue you have with them?
8:16 In conclusion, Frank, if we were to summarize for the viewers. What is it in your opinion that makes Safello interesting and worth investing into?

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