RSCOIN New Cryptocurrency | What is RSCOIN? | RSCOIN Explained Simply

This “RSCOIN Explained” video will help you understand what is a RSCOIN cryptocurrency, the future of cryptocurrency, features of RSCOIN cryptocurrency, what make RSCOIN cryptocurrency special.

RSCOIN is a New kind of Cryptocurrency like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and other digital currencies; RSCOIN is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency powered by crypto Marketplace called “B4U Wallet” allow people to buy or sell, trade, exchange or store RSCOIN using different currencies around globe.

Most of the existing cryptocurrencies make use of Proof of work algorithm which is very intensive and high transaction fee to process. Transactions are not secured and can be traced with little simple trick. RSCOIN provides a solution to all of these concerns. RSCOIN uses proof of stake 3.0 algorithm which provides cold staking to keep the digital assets ultra secure.

Privacy is a basic human right and we don’t compromise on it. RSCOIN implements zero-knowledge protocol that provides highly improved privacy and great performance as compare to other digital currencies.

The future of cryptocurrency RSCOIN is instantly fast (10x faster than Bitcoin) and immediately tradable globally RSCOIN value in open market is increasing rapidly. This is the right time to invest in RSCOIN with trading platform “B4U Wallet”

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