Reasons to Get a Frog Tattoo

What is a frog tattoo?

Representing regeneration and metamorphosis, a frog is often used as a design for tattoos. People often find them to be quite cute creatures and have frog tattoos designed, as they are connected to various legends across the world. Frogs have had a cultural and spiritual significance in almost all historical cultures. That is the reason they are preferred so much in tattoo designs. Let’s check out these symbolic reasons and the historical significance that make such tattoos so popular.

Frog symbolism based on physical characteristics

A frog has a rich symbolic history, as it is considered an extraordinary creature with magical and mystical powers. Its physical characteristics and the way it changes make it a good choice to be included in a tattoo design. Its life transformations that represent a total physical change and its amazing breeding capabilities are some strong reasons for to be considered as a tattoo. This tattoo often represents energy, fertility, rebirth, adaptability and healing.

Symbolic representation of the frog in western cultures

Western cultures often do not regard frogs that highly. Literary work in western cultures has given it an image linked to witches, diseases and devils. Nevertheless, in these cultures too, a frog is considered to bring good luck. Especially in a garden, frogs are thought of as the guardians of wells.

Ancient symbolism of the frog

Frogs have been given a lot of importance in folklore and mythology. These creatures were associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Some gods in ancient Egyptian history used to have frog heads. They used to treat them as symbols of life and protectors of people on their after-life journey. Based on creation myths, some frog tattoo designs symbolize frogs as the creators of men. There are examples of Iban gods and ancestors transforming them into frogs. People from this culture treated frog tattoos as protective. In China, there are special temples made to worship frogs. Some Chinese people keep a frog with a coin inserted in its mouth at home, in order to bring wealth and prosperity.

Tribal representation of frogs

Some North American tribes believed that frogs would bring them wealth and prosperity. A tattoo in their tribal culture represents a rainmaker. In Native American tradition, a frog is also considered important as a magical animal totem. Many people get these tattoos inked on their body to symbolize the significance of frogs to a specific tribe.

Religious and philosophical reasons for frog tattooing

Animistic cultures that believe everything has a spirit consider frogs as guides and teachers that help humans understand the higher forms of power. They used to call upon frogs in religious ceremonies and rituals. In Christian tradition, the frog is believed to remind people of the acronym meaning “Fully Rely on God.”

Since many traditional cultures around the globe consider frogs to bring luck, intelligence and prosperity, more and more people are keen to get such tattoos inked on their bodies.

Source by Kristen Dunn

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