Mexican Billionaire Advice his Followers to Stay Away from Fiat and Invest in BTC

In his new year message, the Mexican billionaire advises his followers not to keep their savings in any of the fiat currencies and rather to invest in Bitcoin.

Third richest person in Mexico, 166th globally, Ricardo Salinas Pliego leaves an important new year message for his followers on twitter. Sharing a video in which he advised masses to invest in BTC and not to bother fiat, Salinas wrote:

“A hug and all the success of the universe for all of you, may God give you health, desire to live and get ahead, the world belongs to dreamers!“

It is not the first time that Salinas has shown his regard for BTC and rigor for fiat. In a Dec 2020 interview with Cointelegraph’s Giovanni Pigni, Salinas spoke about his journey with BTC in detail. He stated the first time he heard about the BTC in 2013. He was attending a conference in New City, which included multiple sessions from various representatives, when a guy from Grayscale took to the podium and talked about Bitcoin.

He explained what it is? And how does it work? Salinas praised Grayscale saying, what they did right was that they made it very simple for a person to understand. It was something like trust. You buy the BTC and they take all the care of your investment, they act as a custodian. It was a good arrangement, Salinas added.

Salinas also said the first time he put a small amount in BTC,in 2013, the coin was only worth $200. Salinas noted while initially he understood BTC as a payment vehicle, he later realised that it is a good store of value too.

The Billionaire stated he had a big party and was very happy after selling all of BTC holdings in 2017 when the BTC reached $17,000, it was his best deal ever. Later when the BTC dipped down to $10,000 he thought, it is more reasonable to buy the BTC now, after the purchase the BTC went down further to $6,000 and he brought more. At the moment Salinas’ BTC holdings’ average price is $9,000.

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