Loss இல்லாமல் Trading செய்வது எப்படி? How to do loss less cryptocurrency Trading?

Lear how to do loss less cryptocurrency trading in Tamil. Learning how to do loss less trading in Tamil will equip you to make most out of your cryptocurrency trading. This is my secret technique 🙂

website to track arbitrage differences – https://coinhero.in/crypto-premiums-arbitrage-in-india

I Created an App for our CryptoTamil Community called BlockIndy
Download BlockIndy –
Android – http://bit.ly/3c6lqbq
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~Best Indian Exchanges: Established Ones~ [📲]
1. WazirX – https://bit.ly/2NRhkH3
2. BitBns – http://bit.ly/2QEfObD
3. Zebpay – https://bit.ly/3jrUG5p
4. CoinDcX – https://bit.ly/3bkYwNg
5. LocalBitcoins – http://bit.ly/2K9fHDW (Peer to Peer)
6. Paxful – http://bit.ly/2RmlF7M (Peer to Peer)

~Best International Exchanges:~ [📲]
1. Huobi – https://bit.ly/3jjDjns
2. Binance – https://bit.ly/37DoGJ9
3. OKEx – https://bit.ly/3g1swfP
4. Coinbase – https://bit.ly/2TotKZI
5. Kucoin – https://bit.ly/2YBtREw
6. BitYard – https://bit.ly/3f9F4m6
7. FTX – https://bit.ly/2A46mu5

~Best Hardware Wallets~ [🔒]
1. Buy Ledger Nano X or S – http://bit.ly/2HI95ur
2. Buy Keep Key – https://bit.ly/3j6CM8T
3. Buy SafePal – https://bit.ly/36d9CBd

Surf Safe and Ads Free – Brave Browser – http://bit.ly/2KnYIgH [🔎]
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