INTERVIEW: Tracking crypto currency trade in the continent

Depending on which one you’re looking at, and over what time period, crypto currencies are either an asset class worth investing, or a complete disaster. BitCoin, for instance, is up 110% over the last 12 months, to just over $ 7 000, but even at those levels, it’s less than half of the December 2017 peak of over $ 19 200. [TAKE VO] Most regulators are also repeating warnings about crypto currencies. Kenya’s Central Bank, for example, has had a long-standing directive to banks to not let anyone open a bank account with the express intent to trade in crypto currencies, since December 2015. Despite all of this, there are growing crypto currency markets to be found on the continent. Zimbabwe’s home to Golix, South Africa – next door – is home to AltCoinTrader. Now, there’s a new entrant with continental ambitions – KuBitX.

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