How to Become a Super Flirt Grandmaster – Seduction Skills You Must Master

Although it might seem like the only guys who can constantly score with women are the attractive ones, this is simply not true. It all depends on your seduction skills, and fortunately for all of us, these CAN be learned.

These skills are honed after weeks or even months of practice, but if you’re determined to really pursue your lifelong dream of being the guy any girl would want to date, you can use these 3 tips to instantly hit it off with the women you meet in clubs, bars, supermarkets, parks or the gym.

Turning into a master in the flirting department does not have to be complicated. All you need is education and a positive attitude. Knowing that you can do it is only half the battle, but for many of us, this is the most significant part.

These 3 tips will turn you into a babe magnet because these will add to your confidence around women. Finally, you can approach a girl without feeling threatened by her ‘ice queen’ or ‘diva’ demeanor.

A Flirt Master Needs These 3 Crucial Skills To Seduce Women…

Skill #1. “A Quality Guy”. Being a quality guy will ensure that you have to work less to attract women. Girls are intuitively attracted to guys who reek quality. This means less cold approaching, and more instant flirting.

Winners aren’t born, they are made. The real winners, however, are self-made; and that’s what you want to be. Expand your social knowledge by not letting a chance to socialize pass you by. Grab an events calendar from your local newspaper stand and find out how many singles parties you can attend when the weekend rolls in.

The more you expose yourself to people, the more they will see what you’re made of. They learn something from you, and vice versa. This is the best way to grow as an individual, and as a guy with social confidence.

Skill #2. “Confidence”. If your mind were the planet earth, confidence is the water that nourishes it. Self-worth is the lifeblood of your dating game. Without it, you might as well just fall flat on the floor whenever you see a beautiful girl and let her walk all over you, literally.

Having confidence means not succumbing to mind games and tests that women come up with. Moreover, you can dish out jokes with pizazz if you have a high level of confidence. Only a confident guy can dish out a cheesy knock-knock joke and sound cool.

Skill #3. “Covert seduction”. Some guys are too obvious when they’re picking up women, but a true flirt master can hook up with women using hypnosis. In particular, a technique called fractionation is the seduction-world equivalent of what we traditionally know as ‘hypnotic suggestion’ or NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

The key in using Fractionation to turn her into your love slave discreetly, by using her emotions and thoughts to your benefit. If you get a girl to anchor her emotional states on you, you have the key to her heart.

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