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We keep telling you, major corporations are moving forward with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have Facebook, a GIANT working on its own coin. They have patented Libra which could be a stable coin. Not only would it be used as a stable coin, but you would be able to send digital currency, peer to peer just as easy as it is to send a picture on their network. This would be astronomical to the market cap and we would see a lot of leakage into the major coins like bitcoin, ethereum and xrp. Fidelity, a fund that manages trillions of dollars, will be allowing cryptocurrency trading in a few weeks. The price of BTC and the whole market has moved up, it could be the great news we are seeing or it could be pure technical. We are proving to you everyday that large corporations, billionaires, governments are all moving forward into the digital future. What are you waiting for? Coin of the week is shared as well, so make sure to tune in!

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