End Times In the Headlines (Sept 4, 2020)

“END TIMES IN THE HEADLINES” September 4th, 2020. (weekly recap of End Time signs through the lens of Scripture) Jesus commands us to know the signs of His return (Matthew 24 and Luke 21) and He would not command us to do something we could not do. These “signs” are happening daily here in the US and overseas, He doesn’t want us to miss the rapture. When Jesus said it would be like “As In The Days of Noah and Lot” when the rapture takes, the disciples knew it was not just about life as usual “building, buying, marriage etc”, God’s Word said that judgment came, why judgement came and how to escape it. One of the “things” or signs was a “lust for power” and doing “wickedness” in all spheres of leadership including those who were supposed to be righteous to obtain it. Remember, only 8 righteous at the time of Noah and 4 at the time of Lot (his wife did not make it).

This lust for power, prideful spirit would cause deception and they would be deceived as well: from government, church, education, media, sports/entertainment, these leaders are doing what the Bible said they would. Pastors are being deceived and duping others in their churches: pro abortion alliances, affirming LGBTQ and stating homosexuality is no longer a sin, stating white privilege and aligning with the BLM anti-god group, voting and broadcasting they vote for the anti-god, anti-Israel, pro-abortion platform and prideful about it. No longer preaching sin, mocking others who preach repent and Jesus is coming as conspiracy theorists.

In the midst of the chaos, there are signs or “things” about the Time Of The End that are speedily happening. This week I list the nations in Ezekiel that will attack Israel coinciding very closely to the rapture. This causes the 7 year peace treaty to be signed as a result of 5/6th’s of the islamic nations armies being wiped out and kicks of the 7 year Tribulation. These nations listed in Ezekiel are all positioned to attack Israel and have stated they will in the news… this is absolutely incredible! President Trump’s son-in-law (Jared Kushner) said these islamic nations (Ezekiel 38) would be the only hold out from several peace/trade agreements with many islamic nations in the next few months. Jesus is coming, it’s in His Word what would happen as the tip off… and it is happening just as He said. For more End Times In The Headlines (Fridays) or Online Bible Studies (Wednesdays) go to: https://vimeo.com/user17838974 or you can look at my history on Facebook.

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