January 22, 2022

Does science have a coronavirus communication problem | COVID-19 Special

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on virologists. But their star status has also made them the target of public anger and even death threats. Anthony Fauci, has gained a huge following. But not with everyone. Germany, too, has spawned its science superstars, like Christian Drosten. His podcast is one of the most popular in the country. Alexander Kekule is a regular guest on German talk shows. He sparred with politicians over their virus response at the beginning of the crisis. But as social media memes feed the echo-chamber, are these new celebrities serving to further polarize scientific debate? Different views are important in science. Asking questions is key. People believe what they want to believe. But should we trust science or the scientist? They’re only human. And this crisis has been full of uncertainties. Still, science is not about certainties. It’s about constraining what we don’t know.

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