Discover the Storied History of Salzburg

When you land in Austria, Salzburg airport transfers will take you straight in to the heart of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. When you get out to explore, you’ll get the chance to learn about its ancient and fascinating history. Surprisingly, there are a number of common misconceptions about the city’s history – some of which are touched on below.

It is in Germany

No, it’s in Austria! It’s amazing how often this one is heard, perhaps because at times in the ancient past the city was under the control of Bavaria in Germany. It is, however, culturally, emotionally and politically, an Austrian city.

Hitler was born/lived here

This is an extraordinary one because he most certainly was not and did not. He was born over 50kms away in the small Austrian town of Braunau am Inn (where he only lived until the age of three, at which time his family moved to Germany). The confusion perhaps sometimes arises because of Hitler’s mountain retreat near ‘Obersalzburg’ in Germany.

Mozart is buried here

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here but actually died and is buried in Vienna.

His birthplace and extended family home here are major tourist sites, and the driver of your Salzburg Airport transfers may be able to point them out so you can explore them at a later stage. One end of the family home was severely damaged by World War II bombing but has now been restored.

Salzburg and Austria were once part of Germany

In the city’s long history it has been independent, part of Austria, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and ruled by Bavaria prior to the existence of a unified Germany.

It (and Austria) was never part of Germany, with the exception of the short-lived and forced unification under Nazi Germany from 1938 to 1945. At the end of the First World War there was a proposal to unify with Germany but the Allies prohibited this.

You can’t ski around here

Actually, you can. The nearest skiing is less than 10kms from the city at Untersberg.

However skiing is limited, and to get really top-class slopes you’ll need to travel to any one of several resorts around 30-50kms away. Nevertheless, the city is a great centre of alpine winter holidays, including those including the world-famous slopes of Zell am See (c90kms).

The city is tame at night

This is a tricky one because it’s so subjective, but it’s not true to say that the city just goes to sleep every night. There is a huge range of theatres and other cultural options to pursue and, remember, this is the city of Mozart! If your tastes are earthier, there are plenty of good bars, cafés and nightclubs – though don’t expect the wild excesses you might find in some major European capitals like Paris or London. This is, after all, a provincial city. The driver on your Salzburg Airport transfers might be able to give you a few good local insider tips on what’s on after dark.

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