Cardano v Avalanche which one is the better buy

Cardano slow development puts it at a disadvantage against AVAX

Key Points:

  • Both Cardano and Avalanche are high-quality platform blockchains

  • Both performed well in the last Bull Run.

  •  Avalanche has a much bigger ecosystem and better prospects for parabolic gains.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a blockchain platform that uses peer-reviewed research and evidence-based methods to provide unparalleled security, sustainability for decentralized applications & systems. It does this by combining pioneering technologies with one goal in mind – To give power back from structures like banks or governments which have been taking it away from people all these years!

Avalanche (AVAX)

The Avalanche protocol is a new approach to smart contracts and blockchain that offers strong safety guarantees, quick finality of transactions with high throughput without compromising decentralization. The platform enables developers who want their decentralized application or enterprise deployment up quickly on one interoperable network to seamlessly scale across multiple blockchains using just one open-source system – giving them greater flexibility than current solutions allow while still achieving rapid growth rates unlike anything else out there!

Which one is a better buy?

Both Cardano and Avalanche are among the best platform blockchains in the market today. In fact, they are among the few likely to give Ethereum a run for its money in coming years. As this happens, both of them could give investors exponential gains not just in 2022 but for years to come.

However, Avalanche seems to have an edge so far. In the 2021 cryptocurrency Bull Run, Avalanche rallied by thousands of percentages, easily dwarfing any gains made by Cardano.

The same scenario is likely to repeat in 2022. While Cardano is a great project, its development has been a little slow and dragged on for years. Comparatively, Avalanche has grown pretty fast over the last year, and now has a huge Dapps ecosystem building on top of it.

For the reputation it has built so far, Avalanche stands to draw in even more Dapps developers in 2022. This is a factor that could drive up demand for AVAX tokens in 2022. Once bulls gain full control of the market, AVAX could easily go parabolic again in 2022.

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