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buyUCoin– India’s most secured cryptotrading platform!
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Is chainlink good investment?
The cryptocurrency network solves the key issues of obtaining off-blockchain information as it has been plaguing the Smart Contract system since its inception. The gap that exists between Smart Contracts and information that does not exist on the blockchain can be bridged using the Chainlink network and its unique decentralized oracle network. By bringing access to off-chain data to Smart Contract, it would open new avenues and would bring forth a wave of upgraded Smart Contracts and efficient decentralized applications. Since all the operation that is needed to be integrated with the network exists in external APIs and data feeds, Chainlink token provides a means to integrate this information into Smart Contracts. Besides bridging a gap between information sources, the platform also eliminated the need to rely on a centralized source of information on real-world events. Smart Contracts essentially changed the tide in its favor by kicking off a new era of decentralized and tamper-proof agreements that execute by itself and aims to deliver to all parties that are bound by it. This is quite a drastic change from traditional blockchain networks that utilize data that is already imputed into the blockchain during its creation. However, in order to maintain the level of trust that Smart Contracts hold, it should not acquire its data from a centralized source of information, such as an oracle, since each oracle service is centralized in nature. so that investment in Chainlink token is good for crypto traders
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