January 24, 2022

Book Review – Section 1 – Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins

The first section of Master the Game starts by taking time to set up the purpose behind Tony’s writing. Tony dove into this massive project because he became enraged by how the financial system is set up to confuse people and maximize the opportunities of corporations instead of the regular, working, man or woman. The economic crash of 2008 was what spurred him on and pushed him to come up with the content contained in this book. Tony decided that in order to fight back against the system he was going to find the 50 best financial minds in the world and interview them with the purpose of giving the regular, working, person like you and me a chance to learn from the worlds most successful financial gurus. That is exactly what he did. Tony managed to have these knowledgeable men and women expose their wisdom in the field of finance for free. All you’ve got to do is pick up Tony’s book, which by the way, all proceeds are going towards feeding people in need all over the world! So cool.

“We all have money in our lives; what matters is that you master money and it doesn’t master you.”

So, what are the key take aways from the first section of “Money Master the Game?”

The seven steps that Tony has contained in this book are all attainable by anyone no matter their income level.

Tony is extremely wealthy but he didn’t set out to write a book that was only valuable to those who are wealthy. Tony believes in the power of generosity and gratitude so this book is all about giving back to those who are searching for financial freedom. No matter how much money you make you can take the principles you learn throughout this book and begin applying them to your life by the middle of the first section. In fact he asks you to take action. Put down the book and take action to start that momentum towards financial freedom.

“The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does.”

If we can get away from thinking that money is something that we compete for we can begin to master money. Life is about living in relationship with others and the money we receive in our lives can be a direct reflection of those relationships. If you learn something share it with others. If something is valuable to you tell people about it. What do you do when you go to a great movie with your friends? You go and tell those around you how awesome it was! Maybe you write a Facebook post or Tweet. You get the word out because it matters to you. Do this with everything in your life that you get excited about. Be grateful for what you have and share it with others! Maximize your positive contribution to the world and wealth becomes a by product of that.

Source by Jason Keegstra