BitMart Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Interview With Co-Founder Javen Lou

BitMart, a global digital currency trading platform that is officially registered in the Cayman Islands, is one of the best crypto exchanges out there. It offers low costs of transactions, it is easy to access, and it offers a whole lot of trading pairs. BitMart also has offices in the US, Hong Kong, Korea, and China.

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BitMart was founded in November 2017, and just in a space of 8 months, the trading platform has recorded an enormous amount of growth. So far, the platform offers OTC trading, futures contract trading, spot trading, and other services for cryptocurrencies.

An Interview With Javen Liu
During the interview, the co-founder of BitMart Javen Liu said that the firm makes it a priority to deliver faster, smoother, and safer trading in the pursuit of becoming one of the top world-class digital currency trading platforms.

Javen Liu also said that the daily trading volume of the exchange is about 4 to 10 million USD and they are currently ranked at top 100 on the list of crypto trading platforms in the world by market cap.

The Future Plans of BitMart
Liu said at the moment, the firm has the spot trading features but very soon, they will upgrade to the whole network system. This means they will integrate all the other books from many trading platforms and put them together on BitMart.

So with the whole network trading feature, users can own just one account in BitMart and they can trade across all the exchanges. He also added that they opened their portal for users to start registering on the site in December last year, and they’ve already got about 430,000 users from over 160 countries.

When asked what his goals are for the trading platform by the end of this year, Mr. Liu said that his ultimate goal for the platform is to make the list of top twenty digital currency trading platforms by the end of this year.

Digital Currency Prediction
Javen Liu said he doesn’t know for sure when the digital currency market, as well as the cryptos in it, will fully recover. But he is very positive that digital currencies will recover due to their underlying technology – blockchain, if not this year then, maybe, next year.

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