January 26, 2022

Bitcoin Cash Captures 90% of October's Crypto Spending in Australia, Tokens.net Partners with Us

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►The North American Blockchain Conference (TNABC) Returns to Miami
On January 16-17, The North American Bitcoin Conference returns in 2020 during the Miami Blockchain Week. TNABC is celebrating its seventh year running, which makes it the longest-running crypto and blockchain conference. It’s also one of the largest.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/blockchain-conference-tnabc-returns-to-miami/
SOURCE: https://www.btcmiami.com/

►GlobalBitcoinsPro.com Enable Offline BCH Cash Trades
GlobalBitcoinPro.com was created by a group of OTC traders as an alternative to the Localbitcoins platform, which recently disabled offline trades. GlobalBitcoinsPro.com allows for both online and offline trades. The platform also allows users to trade directly between Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Cash.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/globalbitcoinspro-com-enables-offline-bch-cash-trades/

►Bitcoin Cash Captures 90% of October’s Crypto Spending in Australia
Following its first-ever report in September, Bitcoinbch.com recently released Octobers analysis of cryptocurrency expenditure at retail businesses in Australia.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-cash-captured-90-of-octobers-crypto-spending-in-australia/

►Cryptophyl.com partners with Toba Electric Bikes, creating a the TOBA Token
The SLP trading platform Cryptophyl.com has announced a partnership with the electric bicycle company Toba. The company has created an SLP token that will be used for customer rewards, with Cryptophyl planning to list the token for trading on November 15.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/uk-based-electric-bike-company-launches-slp-reward-token/
SOURCE: https://cryptophyl.com/

►Tokens.net Partners with Bitcoin.com, becoming an Official SLP Partner
Tokens.net is joining the SLP alliance, becoming one of the several cryptocurrency and token exchanges already adding support for SLP tokens.Tokens.net aims to help bring tokenized assets to the masses, and highlights their greater integrity compared to traditional forms of asset trading and accounting

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/tokens-net-seals-partnership-with-bitcoin-com-as-an-official-slp-partner/
SOURCE: https://www.tokens.net/

►Bitcoin Cash House Opens to the public in Venezuela
Roberto Garcia has opened a crypto education hub in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela to teach locals about the benefits of Bitcoin Cash. The location provides a physical space to educate guests about storing and spending BCH, ways to get paid in BCH, and opportunities for developers to get involved with Bitcoin Cash.

LINK: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/dt0h6u/meet_a_new_hero_of_bitcoin_cash_roberto_garcia
SOURCE: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4f29oElb1u/?igshid=jpcl6i4sr99y

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