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Welcome to! First smartest cryptocurrency based upon ERC20 using the Ethereum Blockchain, take your investment to next solution. Sign up to get 30 free tokens.

What makes Bitbose stand above the rest?
The user is allowed to become a Bitbose member only after completing the KYC formalities which assures that each and every Bitbose member is genuine and authentic. Have a look at the Key Features of Bitbose which orient you to know the basic underpinnings of this next-Gen platform.
 Pool Investment
 Portfolio Program
 BitBose Mining Program
 BitBose Trading Program/Exchange
 Transaction of Money
 Registering as Bank

Through Public ICO Initial Coin Offering, BitBose offers an equal opportunity for the public to become a part of this exuberant project and buy BOSE token (ICO coin) before it is actually released in to the market. The more you invest, more is the profit. Take your financial assets to next level by being a part of our fundraising campaign starting from April 4, 2018 for a period of 90 days till July 3, 2018. .
The complete campaign is split into two phases: Pre-ICO (April 3, 2018-May 4, 2018) and ICO (May 4, 2018 – July 3, 2018) offering phenomenal bonuses over the purchase of BOSE tokens. We accept the most popular crypto currencies i.e. BTC, ETH and XPR. The list of cryptocurrencies will be expanded in the later phases of the project.

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